I am an artist living and working in Dundas, Ontario. My work explores themes of memory, nature, colour, family, animals and the places I love. Originally working in watercolour, I recently began painting portraits, landscapes and floral still lives in oil paint.

A naturally optimistic and curious soul, I love to explore and test my limits in learning new skills and taking on projects I find interesting. The art I create is usually the art that I love to be surrounded by - which is why it often features florals, bright and clean colours, places that make me smile and the content faces of people I love. I also love taking commissions and helping others capture their memories in paint.

I live with my husband, two small children, two cats and our chocolate lab. In addition to fine art, I teach sewing locally, knit, embroider, mend, bake gluten free food, and grow a small vegetable patch! Feel free to visit my personal blog for behind-the-scenes peeks at my life, crafts, and art.

Please feel free to contact me by email at info@amandafarquharson.com if you would like to get in touch about a commission or if you have any questions!